Nuclear Protective Clothing

Nuclear Powerplant Protective clothing

Nuclear facilities and powerplants often require custom disposable protective clothing to protect workers in highly specific and sometimes unique applications. We have proven expertise providing tailor-made and off-the-shelf disposable PPE for the nuclear industry.

Comfort and Safety for Nuclear Applications

Workers at a powerplant or working in contamination protection are the most at risk to radiation exposure. However, even individuals involved in nuclear research and testing, reprocessing, site inspections, or general maintenance are at risk to a variety of harmful substances such as toxic chemicals and residual radioactive particulates. Our nuclear PPE and protective suits help safeguard against residual radioactive contamination and chemical hazards. Each protective garment is thoroughly tested in nuclear environments to ensure safety, fit, performance, and value meet regulations and expectations.

A Full Range of Nuclear Protection

International Enviroguard’s wide variety of disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) and accessories are designed to protect against residual radioactive particles and dust, chemicals, splashes and sprays, and routine grime. We offer various styles to fit the protection level your workers need to get jobs done safely.

With breathable fabric and features such as taped seams, attached hood/boots, seamless shoulders, elastic backing, and reinforced crotch areas, employees can move freely with maximum protection and comfort.

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