Protect your workplace from Dust and Particles

Dust and Particulate Matter (PM) are everywhere. Their small size and light weight make it easy for them to spread primarily by floating in the air, contaminating products and worksites. If inhaled, these fine particles can cause human health effects—especially at high concentrations or in enclosed spaces. No matter the job at hand, we offer breathable and disposable protective clothing that will meet your performance and budgetary needs.

How is dust harmful?

The danger with dust is that it’s quickly and easily created, both naturally such as forest fires, sandstorms, and earthquakes, and unnaturally, from process such as building construction, tunneling, or glass and ceramics manufacturing. Even the average household nuisance dust consists of an array of contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, skin cells, and fungi.

However, in industries such as construction, manufacturing, food processing, and agricultural work, air quality matters. In particular, construction sites generate large dust quantities that are known to contain harmful pollutants. This dust can cause serious health effects because it is often made up of hazardous particulate matter, such as toxic chemicals, that can be inhaled and damage the respiratory system, cause disease, or lead to cancer. This is why wearing the appropriate PPE for dust protection is critical to workers’ health and safety across numerous industries.

Cut Down on Dust Contamination with International Enviroguard

International Enviroguard’s line of dust protection PPE offers body protection for workers and surface protection for worksites. When particle pollution is elevated or toxic, workers can count on our dust suits and accessories to help reduce the effects of dust and other solid particles. From carpet protection film and tacky mats to breathable full body coveralls, our products are engineered for comfort, safety, and superior performance.

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