Disposable Protective Clothing

Protecting what matters

Safety. Comfort. Productivity.

We innovate, design and manufacture disposable protective garments, floor protection and other PPE that safeguard your people, productivity and operations.

Disposable Protective Clothing to protect workers and inspire

Comfortable Confidence™


Industrial & Manufacturing

Protection Designed and Engineered to Your Exact Specifications

Whether you’re a medical center in need of custom protection against a highly contagious disease or a company managing an oil spill, we can work with you to create custom protection that meets your deadline, budget and protective needs.

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About International Enviroguard

Why International Enviroguard

International Enviroguard is a leading manufacturer of disposable safety products offering an extensive assortment of disposable protective clothing and disposable floor protection products. We service a wide range of industries including Industrial, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Remediation, Food Processing and Cleanrooms. International Enviroguard provides:

  • High quality and tested disposable safety clothing that offers maximum comfort, generous sizing and thoughtful design for a better fit.
  • Reliable protection as the supplier of choice to keep essential teams safe after natural and man-made disasters and highly contagious infectious disease outbreaks like Ebola and other HCIDs.
  • A better experience through innovations to create more comfortable fabrics, advanced protection for particulates and chemicals leading to uncompromised productivity and user-driven product features.
  • Affordable confidence through quality that results in fewer rip-outs or product failures in order to provide a lower total cost in use solution.
  • Improved safety compliance by providing comfortable products. When workers are comfortable they are more likely to comply with safety protocol.

International Enviroguard protects your people, products or environments from harmful particulates and chemicals. International Enviroguard strives to improve your productivity and operations with solutions that fit your operation, budget and needs.