Industrial Work Clothes | Made for the Toughest Environments

An industrial and manufacturing environment has numerous hazards ranging toxic chemicals, electrical shock, heavy machinery, hazardous particulates, and more. What’s more, this environment can make wearing PPE hot and uncomfortable, which puts workers at risk if they don’t want to wear it. That’s why we designed our disposable protective clothing using innovative materials and design features based on wearer feedback. From turnarounds to projects big and small, our protective clothing provides all-day satisfaction and safety.

Superior Comfort Enhances Safety

In a hot environment, or one that requires heavy physical activity, the last thing you want to do is put on bulky coveralls that make you sweat and restrict movement. Our protective clothing’s design features and materials provide the perfect balance of comfort, freedom of movement, and safety needed to keep workers compliant.

Guard Against Noxious Particulates, Heat Buildup, Toxic Chemicals, and Chemical Splash

Having effective, industrial protective clothing helps safeguard workers from dangers such as chemical burns, burns from fire, chemical splash, and toxic inhalation. We test our products in real industrial conditions and design every zipper and seam for optimal performance in your manufacturing environment. Our garments are designed to protect against dirt, grease, grime, numerous chemicals, and particulates. Whether you’re in need of chemical clothing, electric apparel, fire protective clothing, surface protection, and more, we have cost-effective PPE that withstands your environment.

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