Disease Protection for The Front Line

The right protective clothing offers healthcare workers and patients protection from high-consequence infectious diseases (HCIDs) like Ebola. Competitive, disposable protective clothing for this application consists of chemical suits being marketed for healthcare use. They’re uncomfortably hot, and not designed to meet the latest safety requirements or your donning and doffing protocols. These disposable suits may not offer the protection you need against the most contagious threats.

Customized for Healthcare and Medical Workers’ Needs

International Enviroguard’s lineup of infectious diseases protection suits and accessories have been designed with extensive input from medical professionals and leading medical centers. The resulting design offers the features necessary for life-saving protection against diseases and ease in the donning and doffing procedure. In real-world infectious disease scenarios, our disposable garments are preferred for their better fit, performance, and enhanced protection against the most dangerous pathogens.

Our disease suits and protective apparel keeps patient and worker safety at the forefront of workplace operations. With standout features such as seamless shoulders, gusseted crotch areas, elastic backing, taped seams, storm flaps, and finger loops, your workers can comfortably move in all directions with ease. When you need an infectious disease suit, workers can count on International Enviroguard to provide the safety, comfort, and convenience they need to work with peace of mind in high-risk environments.

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