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Our Story

International Enviroguard designs and manufactures an extensive assortment of disposable protective clothing and other products for a wide array of industries. We deliver Comfortable Confidence® to safeguard what matters most. We protect your people, productivity, and operations with disposable products that fit your operation, your budget, and your needs.

We create a more comfortable workday

Comfort matters in the workplace. Our disposable protective products shield your team from pathogens, contaminants, and grime while preserving the mobility and comfort needed to put in a hard day’s work. We use innovative materials and design features to enhance worker comfort. Products are designed to meet ANSI sizing standards for a better fit, greater mobility, and fewer rip-outs.

We are passionate about safeguarding what matters through innovation. Design-forward thinking, flexible operations, and culture of empowerment drive our team to continually identify and solve new challenges. We engineer comfort and productivity into every stitch to create better-fitting disposable clothing, cooler fabrics, advanced protection, and wearer-driven product features.

We know protection

We are the industry’s go-to supplier after a crisis. Our expertise in assessing protective needs, and rapidly delivering effective PPE, has kept essential teams safe after floods, hurricane cleanups, oil spills, and highly contagious infectious disease outbreaks. Our ability to quickly identify and deliver the best protection for the job extends beyond our disaster-response work to our entire operation.

We deliver affordable workplace confidence

The fit, performance, and quality of our garments reduces product waste through fewer rip-outs. More importantly, our comfortable garments increase safety through better worker compliance. We deliver more than products. We give you the power to enhance protection and improve productivity while reducing your total costs.

International Enviroguard

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