Pharmaceutical Industry PPE | Powder and Particulate Protection

From production to distribution, the pharmaceutical industry involves multiple manufacturing processes that can threaten workers health and safety. One of the largest threats is the exposure to hazardous dusts and fine powders created throughout production, filling, and packaging. Over time, these fine particulates can lead to serious, even lethal, health issues when inhaled or absorbed through skin contact. Even with strict hazard controls and risk mitigations in place, disposable PPE is needed to protect workers’ respiratory systems and exposed skin.

Sterility Assurance for Peace of Mind

PPE in the pharmaceutical industry and cleanrooms must help preserve a sterile environment, prevent product contamination, and protect your workers from hazardous materials. International Enviroguard offers a full line of affordable, and comfortable PPE for working in environments with high concentrations of particulates such as fine powders and dust.

Our GammaGuard CE® suite of sterile products has been rigorously tested and proven effective in numerous pharmaceutical settings. Each item is individually folded and packaged using our proprietary Sterile-Don™ packaging process. This method allows garments to be removed without touching the packaging. Secure closures and low-linting fabric help prevent unwanted particulate shed and also protect the sterility of the work environment. Better yet, all GammaGuard CE® products are gamma irradiated to a SAL of 10-6. From donning to doffing and everything in between, our comfortable, protective apparel helps reduce particulate shed to maintain sterility and prevent cross contamination.

Protect Cleanroom Sterility Without Sacrificing Comfort

We offer additional disposable products that are designed to deliver superior fit (ANSI size standards), freedom of movement, and breathability. Our line of surface protection and protective clothing will help maintain your cleanroom rating without sacrificing wearer comfort.

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