Disposable Protective Clothing for Food Processing & Food Handling

Keep Your Food Products and Workers Safe.

Maintaining a contamination-free plant environment in order to keep your products safe is important but challenging. Disposable protective clothing can  help you do it — if your workers wear the garments according to your safety protocols.

Products Designed for a Variety of Applications.

International Enviroguard offers a wide selection of products for the Food Service market. Value options like polypropylene are designed for low-risk environments where limited protection is needed.  These coveralls, lab coats, bouffants and shoe covers provide basic protection from dust, dirt and grime.

MicroGuard MP® is designed for environments where general particulate protection is needed along with protection from light liquid splash.  International Enviroguard’s products include disposable coveralls, lab coats and shoe covers. MicroGuard MP® is designed with a tough fabric designed to hold up in more challenging environments.

Keeping dust and dirt off the floor is also important in food processing environments. Enviromat® tacky mats are designed to collect the dust and dirt from shoes and keep it from entering the environment. Sticky mats are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

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