Custom Designed Disposable Protective Clothing

Comfortable Confidence Tailored to Your Needs

Unique work environments often require unique protection solutions. We are the go-to supplier for leading medical centers who need custom protection against highly contagious, infectious diseases. We have also designed custom disposable clothing for unique industrial applications. Our custom work can extend to any industry with unique needs and requirements.

Our Process

Our high-tech, highly engineered custom disposable clothing products are designed for your specialized environment and unique protective needs. As part of this process, we:

  • Listen to understand the specific demands of your application.
  • Identify and incorporate the protection types you need, whether that means impermeability, spark or flame resistance, protection from bloodborne pathogens, or other challenge agents.
  • Include the custom features you need for your workers to be more productive and safe.
  • Observe, and conduct on-site prototype review with you to verify the product’s protection, breathability, fit and comfort.

Our Experience

Our engineering focus, deep product knowledge and willingness to collaborate with individual customers to design custom disposable clothing products is unique in the industry. Design thinking, flexible operations and an empowered culture drive our team to continually identify and solve new challenges.

We have worked with top medical centers to provide better solutions to protect workers in the wake of the Ebola crisis, and to create custom garments for companies managing hurricane cleanup, oil spills and other crises. Our ability to quickly identify and deliver the best protection for the job extends to our entire operation.

Whatever the demands of your environment or application, we can work with you to create a custom, comfortable solution that meets your deadline, budget and protective needs.

Please contact us today to learn about custom disposable clothing how we can leverage our proprietary technologies and research-backed approach to develop an effective solution that meets the unique demands of your workplace.

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