Secondary Disposable Flame, Fire and Spark Suits

Outer layer (Secondary) Disposable FR

Outer layer (Secondary) disposable FR garments are designed to keep the primary FRC coverall protected and to extend its use. The first secondary disposable FR coveralls arrived in the market in the 90’s – and have continued to become more popular over time. Smart operators understand the value of extending the use of expensive primary FRC coveralls.

As a result of the marketplace growing, many manufacturers and distributors began selling secondary SMS FR coveralls. These coveralls often cited NFPA 701. This test methods primary intention was for drapes and curtains – and not protective clothing.

PyroGuard FR® vs Competitive SMS FR.

These coveralls lack the characteristics to NOT diminish the protection of the underlying FR garment as the produce drip and re-ignite when exposed to flames. Our video, demonstrates this perfectly.

Until recently there was no common and accepted test for secondary FR garments that kept manufacturers on a level playing field – but more importantly were assured to keep the worker protected. Recently, ISEA has released ANSI/ISEA 203-2018, American National Standard for Secondary Single-Use Flame Resistant Protective Clothing for use over Primary Flame Resistant Protective Clothing. The standard establishes minimum performance and labeling requirements for the exact situation described earlier, which is the use of a disposable FR garment over primary FR garments.



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