Outer layer (secondary) disposable, FR garments are designed to protect primary flame-resistant clothing (FRC) from damage to extend its use, while also providing an added layer of protection from flames and molten drips. Disposable fire apparel, such as our fire resistant coveralls, help protect your investment in more expensive, multiuse fire-retardant workwear.

Why Secondary, Disposable FR Clothing matters

As the marketplace for secondary FR workwear grows, many manufacturers have started selling secondary SMS FR coveralls. These coveralls often cite NFPA701, however, this fire safety test’s primary intention covers drapes and curtains—not protective clothing. More importantly, these coveralls are not designed to protect underlying FR garments, often dripping and re-igniting when exposed to flames.

International Enviroguard’s PyroGuard FR® is designed to self-extinguish and char to prevent the spread of flames and molten drips that can cause significant bodily harm. See PyroGuard FR® in action, below:

PyroGuard FR® vs Competitive SMS FR

PyroGuard FR® vs Competitive SMS FR.

Until recently, there was no common and accepted test for secondary FR garments that kept manufacturers on a level playing field. Now, ISEA has released ANSI/ISEA 203-2018, American National Standard for Secondary Single-Use Flame Resistant Protective Clothing for use over Primary Flame Resistant Protective Clothing. The standard establishes minimum performance and labeling requirements, which specifically includes the use of a disposable FR garment over primary FR garments.

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