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Today’s world is full of unpredictable and often unseen hazards, which is why we focus on safeguarding America’s most valuable workers—those that keep America running. From medical professionals and construction site workers to pharmaceutical, food processing, environmental remediation, refinery turnarounds and more, our personal protective equipment (PPE) is your first line of defense against workplace hazards both seen and unseen. Our industry-leading, disposable PPE is designed to protect against workplace hazards with the wearer in mind. Protective clothing is designed and manufactured with features that enhance convenience, comfort, and most importantly, occupational safety.

What is a PPE Suit Called?

PPE, or personal protective equipment, is equipment worn to protect a wearer’s body from injuries or exposure to hazards such as chemicals, biohazards, airborne particles, electrical shock, flames, and more. In this case, a PPE suit, often called “coveralls” or a “protective suit”, can be reusable or disposable. A PPE suit often provides more body protection than separate protective clothing garments such as aprons, pants, sleeves, or shirts. This is because protective suits are one piece of clothing that typically covers the arms, legs, chest area, and torso—all in one. Instead of donning multiple, separate PPE garments, many companies choose disposable coveralls to cut costs and increase storage space without compromising worker safety.

For more advanced protection, some PPE suit styles feature an attached hood and boots, taped seams, storm flaps, and elastic wrists or ankles to prevent contaminants from entering through exposed seams or areas with high movement. Another benefit of protective suits is that they can come in bright colors (yellow, blue) to help with visibility in dark or busy areas with heavy machinery in operation.

Disposable Protective Suits and Coveralls for Workplace Comfort and Safety

When working long hours, safety and comfort should go hand-in-hand. That’s why we develop, design, test—and test again—our industry-leading protective body gear so you can work with peace of mind even in the toughest environments. When you need protection against chemicals, particulates, flames, biohazards, and other contaminants, our protective apparel and accessories are designed to withstand your workday.

Safety matters | Disposable Protective Clothing that Protects your Workers and Budget

International Enviroguard offers a wide assortment of affordable, disposable coveralls and accessories for a variety of industries and applications including hooded disposable coveralls, protective suits for medical or healthcare workers, fire-resistant coveralls, disposable hazmat suits, and disposable coveralls in bulk quantities.

Unsure of which product suits your workplace best? Use our Suit Yourself® tool to determine which disposable, protective workwear is recommended for your working environment.

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