Disposable Protective Clothing for Ebola

Disposable Protective Clothing for Protection from Ebola

In 2014, during the height of the Ebola crisis, we worked directly with healthcare workers to design Viroguard® 2. The existing protective clothing being used in the marketplace did not meet the needs of the healthcare worker treating patients with a suspected case of Ebola. We listened to the challenges of the healthcare worker to provide the necessary features on ViroGuard® 2, to keep doctors and nurses safe while treating patients all the while with a suit that’s fabric and seams pass for ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1670. Some of the unique features include:

  • A mandarin collar for a more secure fit around the neck
  • Double thumb loops to secure sleeves in place
  • Tape around the wrists to secure gloves
  • Large red pull tab for easy donning and doffing in two pairs of gloves