Protect Your Workers Through Environmental Clean Ups

When disaster hits, the aftermath is often hazardous to the people called upon to clean up the pollutants and contaminants in the environment. Events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, oil spills, forest fires, earthquakes, and toxic mold growth require remediation PPE that can protect against heavy duty chemicals and the surrounding contaminants.

Fit and Quality that Protects Your People and Budget

Having effective, disposable PPE not only helps provide respiratory protection, but it also helps prevent skin contact with pollutants that can affect workers short- and long-term health. Cheap, disposable protective garments that do not meet ANSI sizing requirements can rip while people work in them. When a protective garment restricts movement, it’s easier to tear when crawling, stretching, reaching, or climbing. This ends up using more garments and increasing your total cost. Our products are made to ANSI size standards and are designed for greater mobility and tear-resistance to ensure a better fit, protection, and value.

Comfortable Protection from Chemicals and Dangerous Particulates

For both manmade and natural disasters, our products have been trusted for years to withstand projects big and small. Even the messiest cleanups don’t stand a chance against our lineup of remediation PPE. The combination of expert design, innovative materials, and convenient features work together to protect workers from numerous toxic chemicals, liquids, molds, and particulates, in addition to routine dirt and grime.

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