Enhanced Spark and Fire Protection for Oil and Gas Workers

Workers in the oil and gas industry need reliable, disposable PPE to protect against chemicals, sparks, flames, and flash fires that can happen on the job. This industry also needs to be conscious of protecting primary FR apparel, which is typically an expensive investment.

Unlike lower-end secondary flame-resistant clothing, our disposable personal protective equipment is generously sized to fit perfectly over your primary FR clothing. Our selection of refinery and oilfield workwear includes disposable coveralls that are rigorously tested to provide protection from both flames and chemicals.

Protect Primary FR Garments and Your Budget

Our durable, flame-retardant coveralls are designed to extend the usage of your primary FR clothing. When worn over primary gear, our PPE protects against flames, dirt, grease, grime, and chemicals commonly found in the petrochemical industry. International Enviroguard’s proprietary PyroGuard FR® and PyroGuard CRFR™ product lines stretch your budget and, most importantly, keep workers safe.

If you’re in need of turnaround protective clothing, heavy duty chemical protection, or FR clothing, our broad range of oil and gas gear will increase productivity and decrease safety hazards.

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