Remediation Safety Clothing for Mold, Lead, and Asbestos

Whether a site requires abatement and remediation depends on the type of contamination and the physical space. The goal of remediation is to reverse, eliminate, or halt a process so it is no longer hazardous. Remediation includes the abatement of hazardous material. However, it also involves planning to ensure the same problem does not happen again.

For example, abatement is a short-term solution for mold growth. In this case, the hazard relates to moisture control issues within a structure. Remediation takes things a step further and finds the source of the moisture and eliminates it to prevent mold growth in the future.

Lead generally involves abatement, but not necessarily remediation. This is because after encapsulating and removing the lead, it no longer poses a threat.

Comfortable and Disposable Remediation Protective Clothing

Environmental remediation and restoration projects need dependable protection. Workers encounter a wide variety of chemicals and hazards, including mold exposure, asbestos, and lead. To prevent health problems, workers must wear full body protection and personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes the use of coveralls with long sleeves to cover as much of the body as possible.

Our disposable protective clothing and accessories provide the comfort and safety needed to clean up mold, lead, or asbestos. Disposable protective clothing ensures workers don't spread hazardous particles or materials beyond the work site. International Enviroguard has different styles of abatement and remediation PPE to meet the protection level needed at your worksite.

Cheap disposable coveralls that don’t fit properly do not allow workers to move freely. This causes discomfort, tears, rip-outs, and the need for replacement PPE. All International Enviroguard products meet the ANSI/ISEA 101-2016 standard for sizing and mobility. Better yet, our breathable remediation suits keep workers cool in damp areas with high humidity levels.

Our mold remediation coveralls include features such as reinforced seams, gusseted crotch areas, seamless shoulders, elastic backing, and more. These features allow workers to bend, reach, crawl, and crouch with ease.

Prevent Hazardous Particulate and Chemical Exposure

Our remediation and abatement PPE protects workers from many toxic chemicals, liquids, molds, and hazardous particulates. Asbestos fibers, mold spores, and lead particulates don't stand a chance. Browse industry-leading protective gear for mold removal, lead abatement suits, or asbestos safety clothing.

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