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  1. Maintaining Cleanliness In Your Office Environment

    Maintaining Cleanliness In Your Office Environment

    We cannot overestimate the importance of the workplace environment on both employee performance and overall company productivity.  Many offices have specific legal requirements regarding maintaining cleanliness that share importance with other vital functions such as completing tasks and attending to production or service schedules.

    Aside from workplace rules and regulations designed to avoid accidents and prevent injuries, transferring contamination from one controlled area to another will reduce the standards of cleanliness for all areas.  An un-kept worksite has the potential to become a breeding area for all sor

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  2. Donning and Doffing Protective Apparel: Recommendations

    Donning and Doffing Protective Apparel: Recommendations

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) is designed to keep workers safe in environments that pose a variety of risks to life and limb. Employers are required to not only supply PPE to workers but must also provide adequate training to employees in the proper use of PPE. This includes procedures and protocols for donning and doffing (taking on and off) protective apparel. A variety of organizations and government agencies have developed guidelines and recommendations about donning and doffing protective apparel. These are invaluable resources for employers who provide protective apparel to workers in order to train them in their effective use. Here are some examples of the kinds of procedures and protocols that should be adopted in various kinds of workplaces:

    Donning and Doffing Chemical Protective Clothing: OSHA

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has a set of guidelines related to “vapor protective or liquid-splash protective suit ens

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