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  1. 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Disposable Paint Suits

    5 Tips for Choosing the Right Disposable Paint Suits

    As a professional painter, you expose yourself to harmful chemicals and toxic fumes every time you take on a new painting project. Short or long-term exposure to commercial or industrial-grade paint can cause health problems as well as skin irritation or other medical issues.

    How do you protect yourself from these job-related risks whenever you enter the work site? The answer is disposable paint suits. The appropriate paint suit protects you from contact with paint far better than regular clothing.

    Below, we explore different factors that you should consider when choosing a disposable painters coveralls.

    1. Choose Disposable Painters Overalls for the Right Type of Paint


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  2. Refinery Turnaround (TAR) PPE

    Refinery Turnaround (TAR) PPE

    Refinery turnarounds, whether planned or unplanned, take up valuable time that could be spent refining oil, gas, or chemicals. In planned turnarounds, you may have upwards of 1500 workers and 60 days of refinery turnaround time.  In unplanned turnarounds, the response is to a serious problem that could take weeks, or even months to remedy. Whether unplanned or scheduled refinery turnarounds are a stressful time for workers at refineries. Schedules are tight and even the best planned turnarounds often have unforeseen hazards. That's why it's important for every worker to have updated PPE or personal protection equipment to ensure their safety.

    Hazards During Refinery Turnarounds

    Refineries are hazardous environments. They are challenging environments even for the best workers even when risk mitigation is a top priority. Hazard assessment and risk mitigation tops the safety officer's list when it comes to workers. That's why when turnarounds occur, whether

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