Protect Your Team from Blackwater Splash and Chemicals

Working in blackwater environments is a tough job. Workers need effective disposable protective clothing to protect themselves from the potential blood-borne pathogens, harmful chemicals, and other liquids and solids found in sewage. In these rough conditions, the last thing workers want to wear are hot or uncomfortable disposable coveralls.

Disposable Protective Suits Protect Workers and Wallet

Our black water PPE is designed using ANSI sizing standards for better mobility and fewer rips and tears. Cheap protective clothing that doesn’t fit properly is not designed for freedom of movement—when workers crouch, bend, reach, or crawl, these protective suits often rip. This costs you more money long-term. International Enviroguard is the affordable blackwater clothing company you can rely on to reduce risk, increase safety, and remain regulatory compliant.

Designed with Your Workers in Mind

By applying worker feedback, we designed our blackwater protective clothing to have features that enhance worker comfort, safety, and on-the-job convenience. From styles with breathable fabric and reinforced seams, to storm flaps, elastic backing, taped seams, and attached finger loops– our personal protective clothing offers the Comfortable Confidence® your workers need to put in a hard day’s work. Whether facing toxic chemicals, liquids, blood, body fluids, molds, blood-borne pathogens, or the routine dirt and grime, your team can work with peace of mind.

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