Protective Clothing & PPE for Remediation

Protect Your Workers While They Clean the Environment

When disaster hits, the aftermath is often hazardous to the people called upon to clean up the pollutants and contaminants in the environment. They need and deserve comfortable, reliable disposable protective clothing that protect them from many of the potential hazards they may face.

The Fit and Quality That Protects Your People and Your Budget

Cheap disposable protective garments that do not meet ANSI sizing requirements can rip while people work in them. As a result, you end up using more garments, increasing your total cost. Our products have protected many who have worked in natural and man-made disasters. They are made to ANSI size standards and are designed for greater mobility and tear-resistance to ensure a better fit, protection and value.

Keep Dangerous Particulates and Chemicals Out While Keeping Your Workers Cool

Our comfortable well-designed protective apparel is created to protect your workers from many toxic chemicals, liquids, molds and particulates, in addition to routine dirt and grime. Enjoy Comfortable Confidence® to safeguards what matters most. Our disposable protective clothing fits your people and your budget.

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