While spraying paint, your health and wellbeing depends on your ability to stay shielded from particulates and fumes with effective personal protective equipment (PPE). By protecting your skin, airways and other vital parts of your body with high-quality PPE, you can be confident you or your workers are safe from potentially hazardous agents.

Not all PPE for paint spray applications are made equal. It’s vital to look for high-quality gear to make the best choice for you. Otherwise, you could end up uncomfortable, or worse, in ineffective PPE.

Paint Spray Applications: Particulate or Liquid Hazard?

Although paint starts as a liquid, pressurized sprayers quickly transform that substance into an airborne particulate. The suspended liquid particulates, or aerosols, enter the air in mist form with a solid nucleus matter from pigments trapped inside. These relatively large particles settle deep in the lungs, potentially causing health problems well into the future.

As the liquid aerosol enters the airspace, noticeable fumes will accompany the particulates. These fumes are also potentially harmful, as they contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. These compounds can cause minor to severe health issues, including throat irritation, difficulty breathing and even kidney damage. The compounds may enter your system through inhalation or absorption through your skin. Direct or prolonged exposure to VOCs can cause long-term health repercussions.  This is why it’s vital to wear PPE to limit your contact with paint and similar substances.

Potential Risks of Paint Particulate Exposure

Risks of paint particulate exposure are typically separated into short term and long term effects. The short term effects tend to occur immediately after exposure and may only last a short duration. With repeated exposure, however, the effects can compound on themselves, causing worsening symptoms and other health complications.

Short term health effects may include:

  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Skin irritation

Exposure to paint fumes and particulates can cause long term effects in the form of severe health problems that continue through every stage of life. In recent studies, direct or prolonged exposure to paint particulates and fumes has been linked to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer and stroke.

The PPE you choose as your main source of protection can help mitigate the risks of working in a paint spray environment. Make sure to acquire the right types of items and always pay close attention to quality to ensure you have the best protection.

Disposable Protective Clothing for Comfortable Confidence™

Your first line of defense against paint particulates is disposable protective clothing. When made from breathable materials, this type of PPE keeps you cool and comfortable while offering a higher level of protection. The abrasion-resistant fabrics used for these innovative suits will work as hard as you do for reliable performance throughout the day with confidence you’ll be free from tears or rip-outs.

There are many different levels of protection for paint spray applications of all kinds. For the most protection, you can select the coverall style suit with a hood and elastic wrists and ankles to keep all particulates away from your entire body. When purchasing disposable protective clothing, remember that frequent change-outs are recommended after employee breaks – and frequent garment checks for integrity are recommended throughout the course of the workday.

Proprietary PPE Elements for Increased Worker Comfort

Exceptional disposable protective clothing comes with proprietary equipment designed to boost the comfort of the wearer. The proprietary Body Filter 95+® (needs a link) from International Enviroguard, for example, allows the suit to maintain excellent airflow without compromising on your safety and peace of mind. With this element, the breathable suit offers protection for particulates as small as .3 microns with a filtration efficiency of up to 99 percent.  This is ideal protection from airborne particulates from paint spray applications.

This high-quality material will also help you stay at a comfortable temperature, rather than overheat as is common with lesser quality disposable protective clothing. The ability to stay comfortable throughout your workday can help you remain productive and maintain your sense of wellbeing. It is not uncommon for workers in hot paint booth applications to cut or tear their protective apparel for extra breathability. This is a serious safety concern. While shopping for protective clothing for paint spray applications, look for materials designed to preserve your comfort and safety on the job.

Benefits of Acquiring High-Quality PPE for Paint Spray Applications

When you invest in high-quality PPE for all your paint spraying jobs, you give yourself the gift of protection from particulate and fume exposure. You can help preserve your health while remaining in the industry for years or even decades. Your efforts can help prevent short and long term health repercussions from developing due to exposure to paint.

While wearing exceptionally well-designed disposable protective clothing for paint spray applications, you can keep comfortably moving through your workday. Well-fitting protective clothing results in less rip outs and a more comfortable fit during crouching and squatting that often occurs when painting. Additionally, protective clothing that breathes will keep the wearer cooler while he generates body heat from the activities of the job.

Acquire Protective Gear for All Your Spray Painting Activities

You can limit occupational exposure to paint particulates and fumes by investing in the best personal protective equipment available. High quality disposable protective clothing, full face respirators and other PPE can help you preserve your health while successfully completing your daily spray painting tasks.

For the highest quality PPE for paint spray applications, check out Body Filter 95+® from International Enviroguard. The innovative suit design and unique fabric will keep you comfortable and protected through all your paint spray applications.