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Blue PVC Cleanroom Chemical Apron, with Long Sleeves, Ties in Back, and Tunnelized Elastic Wrists
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These heavy-duty, chemical-resistant aprons are made of PVC and designed to protect against acids, alcohol, oils, grease, fats, and a variety of chemicals. Our PVC aprons are liquid-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and puncture-resistant to withstand tough work environments. Aprons also protect against liquid splash, sprays, and non-hazardous dry particulates. Each apron has a loop to go over the head and nylon ties on the back. All edges are ultrasonically welded to reduce linting and the release of unwanted particulates into the cleanroom environment. Aprons offer full protection of the front of the body from the chest to the knees or below. These PVC-coated aprons have long sleeves with tunnelized elastic cuffs to protect the arms from splashes and sprays and to also increase particle containment. These chemically coated aprons are versatile with possible applications including semi-conductor, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, petrochemicals, sanitation work, and more.
  • Feature 1
    6 mil thick PVC-coated, long-sleeved apron protects against chemicals, non-hazardous particulates, acids, oils, splashes, sprays, and more
  • Feature 2
    Made with latex-free elastic; ties at the neck and waist in the back
  • Feature 3
    Resists penetration of various workplace chemicals such as acetone, sodium hydroxide, nitric acid, isopropyl alcohol, and more
  • Feature 4
    Protects the full front side of the body from the chest to the knees or below
  • Feature 5
    Possible applications include semi-conductor, cleanroom, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, petrochemicals, sanitation work, and more
  • Feature 6
    Double-sealed, tunnelized elastic wrists contain particle shed
Pack Type Bulk
Color Blue
Collar / Hood Type No Collar
Cuff Style Tunnelized Elastic
Material PVC Coated
Seam Style Ultrasonically welded seams
Closure Type Tie
Country of Origin China
Physical Properties
Abrasion ResistanceEN 530Class 6
Trapezoidal Tear Resistance Machine DirectionEN ISO 9073-42.82 (Class 1)
Trapezoidal Tear Resistance Cross DirectionEN ISO 9073-43.64 (Class 1)
Tensile Strength (N/50mm) Machine DirectionEN ISO 13034-119.62 (Class 3)
Tensile Strength (N/50mm) Cross DirectionEN ISO 13034-111.06 (Class 3)
Puncture ResistanceEN 86311.57 (Class 2)
EN 13274-4: 2001 Method 3 Pass
Chemical Properties
Sulphuric Acid (30%)EN 368Class 3Class 3
Sodium Hydroxide (10%)EN 368Class 3Class 3
Butan-1-ol (undiluted)EN 368Class 3Class 2
o-Xylene (undiluted)EN 368Class 3Class 2
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