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  1. Cleanroom Classification / Choosing the Correct Apparel

    Cleanroom Classification / Choosing the Correct Apparel

    The intent of a cleanroom is to strictly monitor and control the concentration of airborne pollutants—such as microbes, aerosol particles, chemical vapors, and dust—that are present in the air. To accomplish this high degree of regulation, cleanroom equipment typically includes filters, air pressure controls, air locks, and several other design elements. 

    For successful contamination prevention, employees who work within cleanrooms must also wear appropriate protective apparel. 

    Understanding Cleanroom Classifications

    Cleanrooms vary in complexity and size, depending on need. Currently, there are nine cleanroom classifications as outlined by the International Standards Organization, known collectively as ISO 14644-1 Standards. These standards are adopted from the now-defunct United States Federal Standard 209E, which was officially canceled by the General Services Administration of the US Department&n

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  2. PPE for Mold or Asbestos Cleanup

    Mold and asbestos are two of the most toxic airborne pollutants that people are likely to find in homes or businesses. Mold typically forms in dark and damp places. It produces tiny spores that spread through the air, so it is not unusual for mold to spread to anyplace on which the spores can land and continue to grow. Asbestos is made up of minerals - primarily oxygen and silicon, which form bundles along with other minerals. Asbestos produces dust particles that like mold spores, are too small to see with the naked eye, but are easily inhaled, and people who breathe these toxins may not realize that they’ve done so until sickness strikes. 

    What is Asbestos?

    Asbestos consists of minerals that form fiber bundles. Two of the most significant substances in asbestos are oxygen and silicon. The combination of these minerals exists in the air, water, and soil. Everyone is exposed to asbestos through these means, but the small amount of asbest

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