Sparks or Flame

Protect Your Team From Sparks and Flame

When you need to protect your workers from sparks and flame, you spend whatever it takes on primary fire-retardant (FR) apparel to do the job right. Our disposable coveralls protect your FR investment by keeping the primary FR clean while also offering extra protection.

Unlike lower-end secondary disposable FR coveralls, our disposable coverall is generously sized to fit perfectly over your same-size primary FR. Our disosable coveralls are rigorously tested to offer additional protection from fire and chemicals. Our products pass ASTM D6413 vertical flame testing and also meet NFPA 2113 requirements for section 5.1.9.

Save Your FR Apparel, Maintain Your Comfort, Protect Your Investment

Our high-quality secondary FR coveralls are designed to extend the life of your primary FR. Whether working with dirt, grease and grime or many chemicals, PyroGuard FR® and PyroGuard CRFR™ will enhance your workers’ protection while helping your budget. Our products are engineered for better tear-resistance, reducing rip-outs and protecting your PPE budget over the long run.

Sparks or Flame