Sparks or Flame

Protect Your Team From Sparks and Flame

When you need to protect your workers from sparks and flame, you spend whatever it takes on primary fire-retardant (FR) apparel to do the job right. Our disposable coveralls protect your FR investment by keeping the primary FR clean while also offering extra protection.

Unlike lower-end secondary disposable FR garments, our disposable coverall is generously sized to fit perfectly over your same-size primary FR. Our disosable coveralls are rigorously tested to offer additional protection from fire and chemicals.

Save Your FR Apparel, Maintain Your Comfort, Protect Your Investment

Our high-quality FR coveralls are designed to extend the life of your primary FR. Whether working with dirt, grease and grime or many chemicals, PyroGuard FR® and PyroGuard CRFR™ will enhance your workers’ protection while helping your budget. Our products are engineered for better tear-resistance, reducing rip-outs and protecting your PPE budget over the long run.

Products That Meet Your Needs

Our products for spark and flame protection give you Comfortable Confidence™ to safeguard what matters most. Our disposable garments fit your people and your budget.

Sparks or Flame