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Microporous Lab Coat, No Pockets
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Microporous, disposable lab coats offer the perfect balance of safety and comfort. The fabric keeps dust and liquids out while allowing air to flow freely, so you stay cool as you put in a hard day’s work. These lab coats are ideal for non-hazardous work environments where you need reliable liquid and particulate protection. Lab coats are produced with state-of-the-art lamination technology to combine a soft non-woven fabric with a microporous film that repels liquids. The breathable fabric lets moisture vapor escape, so the wearer feels cooler and more comfortable than many other competitive fabrics.
  • Feature 1
    Lab coats produced with state-of-the-art lamination technology to combine a soft non-woven fabric with a microporous film. Breathable fabric lets moisture vapor escape to keep wearer more comfortable vs many other fabrics. Superior liquid and particulate.
  • Feature 2
    Front snap closures are easy to secure
  • Feature 3
    No pockets, elastic wrists for snug, secure fit, folded collar
  • Feature 4
    Environmentally friendly—can be recycled after use.
Pack Type Bulk
Sterile No
Color White
Collar / Hood Type Standard Collar
Cuff Style Elastic Wrist
Material Microporous Fabric
Seam Style Serged Seams
Closure Type Snap
Country of Origin INDIA
Physical Properties
Test Method Result
Water Vapor Trasmission (g/m2/24h) GB/T 12074-1991 3200
Water Resistance (Kpa) FZ/T 01004-1991 18.8
Flat Abrasion FZ/T 01001-1991 198
Breaking Strength (N/5cm) GB/T 3923.1-1997 Radial: 70 / Woof: 50
Elongation at Break (%) GB/T 3923.1-1997 Radial: 60 / Woof: 50
Tear Strength (N/5cm) ASTM D2261-1996 Woof: 8.6
Electric Charge Density (uC/m2) GB/T 5455-1997 6.5
Flammablity GB/T 4744-1997 Melt-down
Dry particle Filtration Efficiency ASTM F 2299 No Particle Penetration
Wet Particle FiltrationEfficiency ASTM F 2299 No Particle Penetration
Air Permeability (cfm) ASTM D737 <0.55< /td>
Burst Strength (lbs) ASTM D3787 20
Tensile Strength (lbs) Cross Direction ASTM D5034 18.1
Tensile Strength (lbs) Trapezoidal - Machine Direction ASTM D1117 9.76
Tensile Strength (lbs) Trapezoidal - Cross Direction ASTM D1117 4.97
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