Disposable Shoe Covers for Multiple Industries and Applications

Situations That May Require Shoe Covers

Whether for occupational purposes or for personal use, many individuals use shoe covers to protect their footwear, flooring, and to maintain cleanliness. Below are some of the most common situations for wearing shoe covers:

  • Seasonal Challenges / The Weather: In stormy weather or throughout winter and spring when salt, pollen, sludge, mud, and water are commonly tracked around by footwear, shoe covers are extremely helpful for keeping flooring and shoes clean.
  • Private Contracting Jobs: Exterminators, electricians, plumbers, cable installers, renovators, painters, and numerous other contractors use shoe covers to ensure their clients’ homes or worksites remain clean throughout a project.
  • Medical and Industrial Jobs: Shoe covers are frequently worn in laboratories, cleanrooms, emergency rooms, and clinics to help maintain sterility. For patients who are hospitalized with a highly contagious infection, shoe covers and other PPE such as gowns, masks, or gloves may be required for staff and family members to enter the patient’s room.
  • Public Use: Many people find shoe covers helpful in their day-to-day lives for applications including protecting their shoes during inclement weather, using them for DIY projects, wearing them for gardening or yardwork, covering their feet in a tanning bed, and more.

Features That Define a Quality Shoe Cover

Depending on the protection level needed, most high-quality shoe covers offer the following features:

  • Easy to don and doff (put on and take off)
  • Secure, elastic bands around the ankles to keep shoe covers in place
  • Durable and breathable fabric that doesn’t tear while still providing adequate particulate and liquid protection
  • Material that meets industry standards and practices such as sterile packaging or a particular sterility assurance level
  • Non-slip or sturdy soles to improve traction and reduce the risk of slips or falls

Find a Shoe Cover for Your Application

International Enviroguard offers a wide variety of disposable shoe covers to satisfy a range of budgetary and safety needs. Whether your employees work in a controlled environment, remediation, food processing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, manufacturing, and more—there’s a shoe cover that will help protect workers' shoes and the surrounding work environment.

Shoe cover fabrics include microporous, polypropylene, CPE, PE, SMS, and proprietary fabrics.

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