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Clean Processed Microporous Boot Cover, Non-Skid Sole, Individually Packed, Size XL
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Microporous, clean processed boot covers offer the perfect balance of safety and comfort. Fabric keeps dust and liquids out while allowing air to flow freely, so your feet stay cool as you put in a hard day’s work. These boot covers are ideal for non-hazardous work environments where you need reliable liquid and particulate protection. Boot covers are designed with tunnelized elastic to offer a more secure closure, stronger seams, and the elimination of raw edges that may generate unwanted particulates. Non-skid soles provide added traction to help prevent accidental slips. Each boot cover is individually packaged to help prevent cross-contamination.
  • Feature 1
    Non-Skid Soles help improve traction
  • Feature 2
    Elastic closures for snug, secure fit
Size XL
Pack Type Individual
Sterile No
Color White
Material Microporous Fabric
Seam Style Serged Seams
Closure Type Elastic
Country of Origin China
UPC 813383017011
Physical Properties
Air Permeability (cfm)ASTM D737<0.55
Burst Strength (lbs)ASTM D378720
Tensile Strength (lbs) Machine DirectionASTM D503423.2
Tensile Strength (lbs) Cross DirectionASTM D503418.1
Tensile Strength (lbs) Trapezoidal - Machine DirectionASTM D11179.76
Tensile Strength (lbs) Trapezoidal - Cross DirectionASTM D11174.97
Anti-Static, Surface ResistivityBS EN 1149-1:20061.2 x 109 Ω
Liquid and Chemical Testing
Test Method Result
Bleach 5% ASTM T903 Pass
Hydraulic Jack Oil ASTM T903 Pass
Isocyanate Based Paint Hardener ASTM T903 Pass
Motor Oil ASTM T903 Pass
Sodium hydroxide ASTM T903 Pass
Mineral Oil ASTM T903 Pass
Blood ASTM 1670-07 Pass
Cleanroom Classifications
ISO 3 35 1  
ISO 4 352 10  
ISO 5 3,520 100 Good
ISO 6 35,200 1,000 Good
ISO 7 3,52,000 10,000 Good
ISO 8 35,20,000 1,00,000 Good
ISO 9 3,52,00,000 Good

† (particles / m3 of air) for particles equal to and larger than 0.5 microns

† † (particles / ft3 of air) for particles equal to and larger than 0.5 microns

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