ChemSplash® 1 | 7065YT

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Chemical Splash Sleeves, Taped Seams, 18"
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Disposable, chemical splash sleeves are designed with taped seams to protect your arms from chemical splashes and toxic particles. Our proprietary, hybrid membrane fabric helps keep arms cool as you work. Secure, elastic closures on both ends help keep sleeves in place even with repetitive movements. A longer, 18" length protects more of your arm from exposure to workplace hazards. Taped seams offer an extra layer of protection by preventing contaminants from entering or seeping through exposed seams.
  • Feature 1
    Elastic closures on both ends of sleeves for secure fit
  • Feature 2
    High moisture vapor transfer rate improves wearer comfort
  • Feature 3
    Generous 18" length provides excellent coverage
  • Feature 4
    High moisture vapor transfer rate improves wearer comfort
Size Universal
Pack Type Bulk
Sterile No
Color Yellow
Cuff Style Elastic Wrist
Material Proprietary Laminated Nonwoven
Seam Style Taped Seams
Closure Type Elastic
Country of Origin China
UPC 813383013594
Physical Properties
Test Conducted Test Method Test Result
Tensile Strength — Machine Direction ISO 13934-1 48.3 N
Trapezoidal Tear — Cross Direction ISO 9073-4 108.1 N
Bursting Strength — Machine Direction ISO 13938-1 40.7 pa
Puncture — Cross Direction EN 863 6.95 N
Antistatic EN 1149-1 <5x109 ohm
Abrasion Resistance EN 530 Class 2 ( > 100 cycles )
Hydrostatic Resistance ISO 811 226 cm
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate ASTM E96 > 3000 gm/m2/24hr
Chemical Properties
AgentTest MethodPenetrationRepellency
n-Heptane 99%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 1
Dichloromethane 99.9%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 1
Toluene 99.9%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 1
Isopropanol 99.5%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 2
Sodium Hydroxide 50%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
Hydrochloric Acid 36-37%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
Hydrofluoric Acid 48-50%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
JP8 Jet FuelISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 2
Sulphuric Acid 96%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
Synthetic BloodASTM F1670 Pass
Additional Properties & Testing
Category IIIProducts which are worn or held in order to protect against any hazard which may be harmful and life threatening.
TYPE 5 BS EN ISO 13982-1: 2004Dry particle suits – Suits for protection against hazardous dusts and any dry particles.
TYPE 6 BS EN 13034: 2005Reduced spray suits – Suits for protection against light spray and splashes of liquid chemicals where there is no directional spray or buildup of liquid on the suit, but there may be a fine mist of droplets in the atmosphere.
EN 1149-5: 2008Protectice Clothing - Electrostatic Properties for Surface Resistivity; material and design requirements for electrostatic dissipative protective clothing; garments that protect against electrostatic discharge in explosion risk environments.
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