ChemSplash® 1 | 702846Y

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28" x 46" Chemical Splash Apron with Tie Strings
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This chemical-resistant apron provides frontal protection against chemical splashes and toxic particles. The longer length ensures your chest and knees are protected from light splashes and sprays. Our proprietary, hybrid membrane fabric helps keep you cool as you work long hours in order to prevent heat stress. Tie strings are secured in the back to keep them out of the way while you work. They also allow you to adjust the fit of the apron to your size for added comfort.
  • Feature 1
    Comfortable bib-style design
  • Feature 2
    Tie strings secure apron
Size Universal
Pack Type Bulk
Sterile No
Color Yellow
Material Proprietary Laminated Nonwoven
Seam Style Raw Edge
Closure Type Tie
Country of Origin China
UPC 813383013570
Physical Properties
Test ConductedTest MethodTest Result
Tensile Strength - Machine DirectionISO 13934-148.3 N
Trapezoidal Tear - Cross DirectionISO 9073-4108.1 N
Bursting Strength - Machine DirectionISO 13938-140.7 pa
Puncture - Cross DirectionEN 8636.95 N
AntistaticEN 1149-1Passed ( < 5x109 ohm )
FlammabilityEN 1146Passed
Abrasion resistanceEN 530Class 2 ( > 100 cycles )
Anti Chemical penetrationEN 374-3Passed
Hydrostatic resistanceISO 811226 cm
Moisture Vapor Transmission RateASTM E96> 3000 gm/m2/24hr
Agent Testing
AgentTest MethodPenetrationRepellency
n-Heptane 99%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 1
Dichloromethane 99.9%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 1
Toluene 99.9%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 1
Isopropanol 99.5%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 2
Sodium Hydroxide 50%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
Hydrochloric Acid 36-37%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
Hydrofluoric Acid 48-50%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
JP8 Jet FuelISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 2
Sulphuric Acid 96%ISO 6530 / EN 368Class 3Class 3
Synthetic BloodASTM F1670 Pass
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