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Enhance Body Protection or Complete our Garments with Disposable Accessories

All the products you need to complete our garments, or enhance your existing PPE, can be found in our line of disposable, protective accessories. From chemical resistant shoe covers and polypropylene sleeves to coverall hoods and face masks, International Enviroguard can provide the comfort and safety you need in your work environment.

Why use disposable protective accessories and apparel?

Disposable protective clothing and accessories can help eliminate overhead costs associated with laundering reusable PPE, storage issues, as well as costly repairs for damaged PPE. It can also help prevent the spread of biohazards and other contaminants if multi-use PPE is not handled properly. Better yet, disposable PPE is reliable—when an item is made for one-time use, it’s made to withstand your workday. After each use, reusable PPE can become less effective as wear and tear accumulates. When it comes to safety, you need the reliability of disposable protective garments.

  • Cost savings on laundering or repairs for reusable PPE
  • Often less expensive per unit
  • Improved quality control and safety
  • It helps protect the life of your primary protective apparel if worn overtop
  • Decreased risk of spreading contaminants with disposables
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