Preserve Sterility. Prevent Contamination. Provide Worker Comfort and Protection.

In pharmaceutical production facilities, you need effective yet comfortable garments to preserve a sterile environment, prevent product contamination and protect your workers. We offer a complete line of affordable products engineered specifically for the task.

Reliably Sterile Protection

Our GammaGuard® CE suite of sterile products has been rigorously tested and proven in many pharma facilities. Each item is individually  folded and packaged using our proprietary Sterile-Don™ packaging so it can be removed from the packaging without touching the outside of the garment. Low-linting fabrics and secure closures further protect the sterility of your environment.

Cleanroom Protection without Sacrificing Comfort

We have additional products that are also designed to deliver superior fit and breathability to help maintain your cleanroom rating without sacrificing comfort for the wearer. We deliver Comfortable Confidence™ that safeguards what matters most. Our disposable garments fit your people and your budget.