Preserve the Safety of Your Healthcare Worker

The right disposable protective clothing protects your healthcare workers and their patients from high-consequence infectious diseases (HCIDs). Many disposable protective clothing sold today are just chemical suits, marketed to healthcare facilities. They’re uncomfortably hot, and not designed to meet the latest protection safety requirements or donning and doffing protocols.

Garments Designed by and for Healthcare Professionals

We work hand in hand with medical professionals at leading medical centers to design disposable protective clothing that offers the features necessary for life-saving protection and ease in the donning and doffing procedure. Our garments are rigorously tested in real-world healthcare environments for better fit, performance and protection against some of the most dangerous pathogens.

Stay Comfortable and Protected

In addition to providing reliable protection, we engineer each of our protective clothing for comfort and enhanced mobility. We deliver Comfortable Confidence™ to safeguard what matters most.