If you are looking for disposable medical scrubs, you will likely realize that there are lots of options from which to choose. With so many options on the market, how can you find the right disposable medical clothing to meet your needs? There are a few important factors that you need to keep in mind.

1. The Right Comfort and Temperature Regulation

One of the most important factors that you need to consider is comfort. This means temperature regulation. If you work in the medical field, then you know how long these shifts can be. It is not unusual for people to work 12 hours in a shift and some people might even work more than 24 hours before they are able to go home. Comfort is everything as you go about your day. The scrubs should be made of light material that is easily breathable. This is going to impact how comfortable you get during the course of your shift.

For example, if you work in the operating room, then you know these rooms are kept cool for a reason; however, if you have to scrub into the procedure, then you will need to put on a second set of scrubs in addition to a new layer of PPE. Suddenly, the room doesn’t feel so warm anymore. The end result is that you could start to overheat quickly. In order to prevent this from happening, you need to make sure that your scrubs are as comfortable as possible. Take a look at the material the scrubs are made out of as well as some of the online reviews. You should be able to tell pretty quickly whether or not the scrubs are going to help you stay comfortable during the course of your shift.

2. The Right Color and Style

Many people think that only doctors wear scrubs; however, this is not the case. The reality is that nearly every healthcare provider in the hospital is going to wear scrubs at some point. This includes doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and even pharmacists. Many hospitals use their colors as a way to quickly tell who is who. Therefore, you need to make sure that you find the right color scrubs to meet their needs. Sometimes, you might have a choice regarding which color you want to pick. Think about the color that your field wears at your hospital before you make a decision.

Colors are widely available. They are also fun to choose. Many people have their own preferences when it comes to the style. Most of the scrubs that people see are shades of green and blue. In order to improve the mood or allow the scrubs to fit the season, it might be a good idea to shift the hues according to the season. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and reach for a new color to make the next shift at work a bit trendier.

There are also a few stylistic options that everyone should consider. One of the most important stylistic options involves looking for a short top versus a longer one. It is a good idea to wear a longer top, particularly if you bend over a lot during the course of your day, to make sure the scrubs cover the skin on your hips. Not only is this important for privacy but this is also a hygiene issue. Keep in mind that long scrub tops might also be a bit warmer as well. There is a line that people need to find when it comes to the length of the scrub top. This about what works best for you.

3. The Cut of the Neck

One of the most important factors that everyone should consider is the neck cut of the scrub top. This is going to play a role depending on whether you are a boy or a girl. If the neck cut is too high, this could feel like the scrub top is strangling you, particularly when you bend over. This could also cause you to overheat; however, there could be situations where the neck cut is too low as well.

If the neck cut is too low, this can lead to a few common problems. First, for females, a neck cut that is cut too low could end up being too revealing, particularly when they bend over. Most women would prefer to have a bit more privacy with respect to the neck cut. In addition, some guys might want the neck to be cut a bit higher. This could reveal too much chest hair, which might present a hygiene issue. In addition, some guys or girls might not want to wear an additional undershirt with the scrub top; however, if the cut is too low, they might not have a choice. Finally, if the scrub top is cut too low, this also provides more freedom for the shirt pocket. This means that the pocket will flap lower when they bend over and their objects, such as their phone or pager, might fall out of the scrub top. This could present a major issue.

4. Thinking About the Fit of the Body: Fit or Loose

It is also a good idea to think about how the scrubs fit the body. There are two major choices when it comes to the fit of scrubs. They can either fit tight or loose. Most of the scrubs on the market are loose. This helps people stay cool throughout the day. It is important for everyone to know what fit they need before they decide to buy them. Female nurses might not know the actual measurement; however, they can still go with a loose outfit and tie it tighter, trying to coordinate an entire outfit. For guys, they are either too wide or too fit. The measurements are usually easier to figure out.

One of the other factors that people might want to consider is the presence of slits on the sides. If there are slits on the side, this will increase the amount of comfort for the individual by providing more air. These slits are going to depend on the type of scrubs that people wear. If the scrubs are a bit shorter, there might not be room for side slits because this could lead to a bit more exposure than people would like. Those who like shorter scrubs might want to avoid side slits; however, those who have longer sets of scrubs might want to have side slits present. This can provide a looser fit while still keeping people cool.

Everyone who is buying scrubs should take the time to figure out which scrubs are most comfortable for them. There are plenty of options on the market and it is critical to try out a few designs at the hospital to figure out the best size and fit.

5. Pockets in the Right Locations

Those who wear scrubs know that one of the most important factors that everyone has to consider is the pockets. The pockets need to be in the right locations. Furthermore, most people who wear scrubs will agree that there is no such thing as having too many pockets. Doctors and nurses should pause for a second to think about everything they carry with them throughout the day. This might include a cell phone, pager, wallet, keys, code cards, emergency medications, a stethoscope, clipboard, patient records (possibly), a notepad, reflex hammer, pen light, and more. All of these items need to go somewhere, which is where pockets are exceedingly helpful. There are a few places where pockets might show up.

Some people might want to have a chest pocket. A chest pocket is one additional pocket in which people can store things. Because scrubs are often meant to be worn both ways, there might be a chest pocket on the inside and outside. Just remember that if you bend over, items might fall out of the chest pocket. This is an important factor to consider when looking for scrubs.

In some cases, there might also be a patch pocket. This is present on the side of the scrubs down around the waist. Some scrubs have both of these pockets while others might only have one or the other. Sometimes, the patch pocket is also a bit bigger than the chest pocket. The number and location of the pockets on the scrubs is one of the most important factors to consider.

Find the Right Disposable Medical Scrubs for the Job

These are just a few of the most important factors that people need to consider when they are looking for disposable medical scrubs. The quality of disposable medical clothing is key. Be sure to think about these tips carefully if you are looking for medical scrubs.