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  1. Protecting Workers During a Crime Scene Clean-up

    Protecting Workers During a Crime Scene Clean-up

    Violent crimes, suicides, and the likes take up a lot of time and attention. People talk about the crime for days and days—weeks in some cases—and the police investigate for months. Because of the furor that surrounds the crime and its investigation, the scene of the crime tends to be forgotten. However, these crimes take place in houses, stores, offices, etc. and some people have to go in and clean up the residual blood and human remains.

    This may not be a widely known fact, but crime scenes are a major source of infections and thus choosing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is vital. When people pass away, whatever infections they had may be retained in their remains. As a result, crime scenes are often chock-full of biohazards including diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Cholera, and Tuberculosis. It is important that Biohazard Remediation Technicians—those who take up the job of cleaning the scene, sterilizing it, and making it habitable for th

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  2. 4 Ways to Avoid Heat Stress While Wearing Protective Clothing

    4 Ways to Avoid Heat Stress While Wearing Protective Clothing

    For all workers, especially during the hot season, heat stress is a real threat. The heat combined with work exertion drains fluids quickly from the body, leading to dehydration. Unless rehydrated, the body will no longer be able to cool itself enough to remain below the healthy threshold of 100.4°F/38°C (according to an OSHA Heat Stress Guide). When this happens, heat stress sets in and if left untreated, it may escalate to heat stroke, a fatal and life-threatening condition.

    The instance described above applies mostly to people working in hot conditions without adequate ventilation and fluid intake. Now, consider those that work in hot conditions WHILE wearing protective gear e.g. worke

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  3. EO Sterilization verse Gamma Sterilization

     EO Sterilization verse Gamma Sterilization

    Sterilization is the elimination of all life forms and transmissible agents (e.g. bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spore forms) from the surface of a material or from the composition of a fluid/compound. For certain industries with purity processes on a regular basis—the food & beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry most especially—sterilization is a very important sub-process.

    There are many ways a material can be sterilized, for example, some metal objects can be sterilized by cleaning the surface with acids or caustic solutions. However, in the case of single use products, gamma irradiation and ethylene oxide sterilization are 2 of the most common processes in use at the moment. So how do they compare? Below you will find out more about both processes: how they work, which materials they work best with, and the advantages and disadvantages of each pro

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  4. Is The World Prepared for Another Viral Outbreak?

    Is The World Prepared for Another Viral Outbreak?

    Humanity’s fight against bacterial and viral pandemics started a while ago and while we have significantly improved on how we control, prevent and treat diseases, things could be better—as seen with the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

    The bubonic plague, also known as the black death wreaked havoc in Europe in the mid-1300s, taking the lives of almost 50% of the continent’s population at the time, and the lives of between 75 – 200 million people worldwide. Centuries later, in 1918, the Spanish influenza came and it killed hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

    Since then, the world has battled with one pandemic after the other and experts believe that it is only a matter before another contagion—one that may be deadlier than Ebola—attacks life on earth. If this is so, then we have to be better prepared than we were in 2013. Here are some of the areas that need improvement:

    1.     First Resp

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  5. Four Ways Millennials are Impacting Industrial Distribution

    Four Ways Millennials are Impacting Industrial Distribution

    Millennials have shaped many aspects of modern society. In the last ten years, we have seen the decline of the chain restaurant and the rise of the “man bun,” both arguably caused by this generation. No matter how you feel about millennials’ impact on a personal level, you cannot deny the tidal wave of change caused by their generation. The changes aren’t just cultural; millennials have fundamentally changed the way we do business, impacting everything from the way we communicate with colleagues and clients to the way products are distributed.

    There are many challenges that face the distribution industry, but also a great deal of opportunity. Interestingly, even though many of the challenges are a result of millennials in the workforce, millennials could be the key to resolving these same challenges.

    Here are a few ways millennials are changing distribution:

    Workforce Demographics

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  6. What is ANSI Sizing, and does it matter?

    What is ANSI Sizing, and does it matter?

    ANSI sizing is a national standard for limited-use and disposable coveralls. The standard provides minimum sizing, packaging, and labeling requirements for limited-use and disposable clothing.

    To understand the concept, it’s important to understand what ANSI is and what they do. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. It was established in the early 1900s as a method of standardizing electronics and electrical products and services. Today, it applies to a much more extensive range of systems, processes, and products intended for industrial and consumer use. An American National Standard is intended as a guide to aid the manufacturer, the consumer, and the general public. These sta

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  7. International Enviroguard Re-branding - FAQs

    Will product packaging change with the rebranding?

    Yes, product packaging will change.  We anticipate that customers will start see our new packaging beginning in June or July.  Please see below a mock-up of our new packaging.  Based upon customer feedback, we’ve simplified our packaging.


    Will the product labeling change with the rebranding?

    Yes.  Customer feedback was our previous branding strategy was confusing.  We’ve simplified our branding to better tie our brands together.  Below is a sample of our new chest label.

    Is the ownership of International Enviroguard changed?

    No, the company still has the same corporate structure.  The rebranding has no impact on the

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