Disposable Protective Clothing

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We innovate, design and manufacture disposable protective coveralls garments, floor protection and other disposable PPE coveralls that safeguard your people, productivity and operations.

Disposable Protective Clothing to protect workers and inspire

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Protection Designed and Engineered to Your Exact Specifications

Whether you’re a medical center in need of custom protection against a highly contagious disease or a company managing an oil spill, we can work with you to create custom protection that meets your deadline, budget and protective needs.

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About International Enviroguard

Why International Enviroguard

International Enviroguard is a leading manufacturer of disposable protective apparel. International Enviroguard offers an extensive selection of disposable protective clothing, chemical suits, cleanroom apparel, tacky mats, carpet film, and a wide assortment of other personal protective equipment for many industries.

Our products are made with wearer comfort in mind. Designed for maximum comfort and with generous ANSI sizing. This produces a better fit for the wearer and can ultimately drive better workplace compliance. When wearers’ are comfortable in their disposable protective clothing, they’re more likely to be compliant with safety protocol.

International Enviroguard offers a wide variety of personal protective equipment protecting wearers’ from a variety of agents. This includes, but is not limited to, dust, dirt, grime, asbestos, mold, blackwater, blood, bloodborne pathogens, sparks and flames, HCIDs and noxious chemicals.

International Enviroguard is a trusted manufacturer of protective apparel during times of crisis. During cleanup efforts from the Deep Water Horizon Disaster, International Enviroguard was the go-to supplier to provide over 2 million chemical protective suits for cleanup crews. During the Ebola crisis in 2015, we helped innovateViroGuard® 2, a unique Ebola protective suit that was designed specifically for the healthcare worker.

We innovate comfortable and unique fabrics to keep workers comfortable and safe. Our fabrics are designed with high MVTR to keep workers’ cooler. Our fabrics are designed to protect wearers from noxious chemicals, particulates, blood, and bloodborne pathogens.

Value matters in the workplace or on the jobsite. Our products are designed to hold up in the toughest work environments including industrial, environmental, cleanroom, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, remediation, crime scene cleanup and much more. Products are designed with withstand the toughest working conditions and build to reduce rip-outs and product failures. This can provide a reduced total cost of use for the user.

International Enviroguard protects your people, products or environments from harmful particulates and chemicals. International Enviroguard strives to improve your productivity and operations with solutions that fit your operation, budget and needs.