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  1. Ebola Protective Clothing & PPE Guidance

    Ebola Protective Clothing & PPE Guidance

    In 2014, an Ebola outbreak hit the news cycle by storm. By the time the outbreak was contained in the spring of 2016, a total of 11,325 people had died in six countries, including one person in the United States. Additionally, there were a total of 15,261 confirmed cases spanning ten countries. 

    In response to the crisis, the CDC updated their personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines for healthcare workers tasked with managing patients with confirmed or suspected diagnoses of the virus. T

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  2. The Right PPE for Food Processing

    The Right PPE for Food Processing

    The food retail industry is one of the largest industries within the United States—with retail and food service sales topping 5.3 trillion dollars in 2015 alone. These staggering sales come from a variety of settings, including grocery stores, drug and convenience stores, mass merchandisers, restaurants, butcheries, bakeries, canneries, fisheries, food packaging plants, industrial rendering facilities, dairy plants, meat packaging plants, breweries, online food delivery companies, and many more. 

    Incidentally, the food retail and service industry also happens to be one of the more closely regulated—and for good reason. Food contamination is a serious issue that has both public health and economic consequenc

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