PPE for Crime Scene Clean-up

Violent crimes, suicides, and the likes take up a lot of time and attention. People talk about the crime for days and days—weeks in some cases—and the police investigate for months. Because of the furor that surrounds the crime and its investigation, the scene of the crime tends to be forgotten. However, these crimes take place in houses, stores, offices, etc. and some people have to go in and clean up the residual blood and human remains.

This may not be a widely known fact, but crime scenes are a major source of infections and thus choosing the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) is vital. When people pass away, whatever infections they had may be retained in their remains. As a result, crime scenes are often chock-full of biohazards including diseases like HIV, Hepatitis, Cholera, and Tuberculosis. It is important that Biohazard Remediation Technicians—those who take up the job of cleaning the scene, sterilizing it, and making it habitable for th

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