CE Protection
ce Body Filter

BodyFilter CE® is an exciting development in particulate protection which incorporates the highest quality in electrostatically charged filter media into a superior filtration system.

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ce GammaGuard

GammaGaurd CE® has a patent pending technology that offers a soft, comfortable fabric with a superior liquid barrier, breathability, low linting and strong tear resistance.

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ce MicroGuard

MicroGaurd CE® utilizes state-of-the-art lamination technology to combine a soft non-woven fabric with a microporous film.

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ce ViroGuard

ViroGuard® is a new line of protective apparel for hazardous liquids in unique applications. Comfortable to wear and offers breathability.

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fp Enviromat

Enviromat® contamination control products are multi-layered pads that remove particulate contaminates from foot traffic prior to entry into a clean or controlled environment.

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